a perfect place

Welcome to Mendocino County's most unique
guest accommodations

The Albion Schoolhouse is a gracious 1920’s structure renovated for the 21st Century visitor. A perfect place for  vacation rentals, corporate off-sites, winemaker dinners, weddings,
private concerts, and retreats.


 ( 3 luxurious bedrooms )

( An ocean view )

for your family, your company, your spirit

2 private acres

A place to clear the mind, think big, innovate,
and play. Reconnect with yourself, others,
and with the rhythms of nature.
 With views of the vast Pacific Ocean
and the down-to-earth charm of a llama ranch next door.


( Chef’s Kitchen )

( Library & Stage )

( Custom Fireplace )


a stunning getaway

3 hours from San Francisco, 10 minutes from the village of Mendocino

With a spectacular drive through Anderson Valley’s wine country, and Northern California’s rugged coastline.